Program for children of all ages. Service offered free of charge.
Summer 2016 PALS Newsletter for Adults
Summer 2016 PALS Newsletter for Teens
Summer 2016 PALS Newsletter for Children
Spring 2016 PALS Newsletter for Adults
Spring 2016 PALS Newsletter for Children

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Spring Family Fun Night 2016

Educational Information
Helping Children and Teens Understand
  and Live Through Grief
Anticipatory Grief
Children dealing with a sense of loss and change before a loved one's death.
Our objectives:
• Help children and loved one say goodbye
• Offer assistance in telling children a loved one is dying
• Create items with children and family for funerals and memorial services
• Prepare children for funeral and/or memorial service
• Remind family - they are still family
• Collaborate with school personnel as needed

Children dealing with experience of a loss and learning to cope and honor the memory of a loved one.
Our objectives:
• Share thoughts and feelings about the death of their special person
• Help children understand death is permanent and a part of life
• Help children understand feelings of grief are normal such as sadness,
   anger, confusion or guilt
• Teach children ways to express grief
• Assist in teaching children to preserve the positive memories of their special person while learning to release the negative memories
PALS for grieving children
Peace  - Acceptance - LoveSupport
A Quarterly Program for Grieving Children and their Caregivers
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