Program for children of all ages. Service offered free of charge.
Educational Information
Helping Children and Teens Understand and Live Through Grief

Anticipatory Grief
Children dealing with a sense of loss and change before a loved one's death.
Our objectives:
• Help children and loved one say goodbye
• Offer assistance in telling children a loved one is dying
• Create items with children and family for funerals and memorial services
• Prepare children for funeral and/or memorial service
• Remind family - they are still family
• Collaborate with school personnel as needed

Children dealing with experience of a loss and learning to cope and honor the memory of a loved one.
Our objectives:
• Share thoughts and feelings about the death of their special person
• Help children understand death is permanent and a part of life
• Help children understand feelings of grief are normal such as sadness,
   anger, confusion or guilt
• Teach children ways to express grief
• Assist in teaching children to preserve the positive memories of their special person while learning to release the negative memories
PALS for grieving children
Peace   - Acceptance - Love Support
A Quarterly Program for Grieving Children and their Caregivers
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